• Tips for getting your home ready for the market.

    In Today’s Market you always want to try to stay ahead. So what can you do that is inexpensive yet will add value to your home?

     Homeowners can do some of the easiest things with minimal amount of work and money being spent! Here are some tips to help you get down to work without paying those big remodeling fees! The Interior of your Home: 

    • ·         A home which is going to be put on the market needs to have a deep cleaning.  When your home is being presented for the first time you must present a great first impression of your home! This will attract prospective buyers, as well as, help your property. You should definitely consider hiring a professional cleaning company to do the job.
    • ·          Are your kitchen cabinet surfaces unattractive? Resurfacing may be an option, which can be less expensive than putting in new cabinets. Redoing the face of a cabinet can give old and worn cabinets new life and can visually update a kitchen.
    • ·         Consider replacing door knobs! This small detail can go a long way especially in the kitchen where you can replace the knobs on cabinets to give it a crisper look! 
    •  ·          Another great inexpensive way to shape up your property is to paint! Paint your walls and ceilings which will do wonders. Caution: no bright extreme colors. It is probably best to stay neutral so buyers aren’t distracted by the color. Picking calm relaxing colors can often help a buyer picture themselves in your home.
    • ·          Covering your hardwood floors is a no no. Consider having the carpet removed to show off the hardwood floors. Hardwood floors are very sought after, you could also perhaps give them a refinishing to bring out the quality and color in the wood. 

     Stay Tuned for next week’s posting of what tips can help the exterior of your building.

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