• Earth Day April 22nd!!! Today!

    Happy Earth Day!!! Here are a few tips to help the earth out:

    • Switch out light bulbs.  The U.S. EPA estimates that if every home replaced its five most frequently used traditional light bulbs and fixtures with ones bearing the Energy Star label, the U.S. would save about $8 billion in energy costs and the greenhouse gas equivalent of emissions from 10 million cars. 
    • Change air filters in your heating and air conditioning system.  The EPA recommends changing the filter at least every three months and more if it looks dirty. Dirty Filters slows down air flow, making the system work harder thus using more energy. 
    • Seal and insulate. Home owners can save approximately up to 20 percent of heating and cooling costs by air sealing their properties and adding insulation in attics, floors over crawl spaces, and accessible basement rim joists. 

    Knowledge is power!

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    Interesting article. I found some more information here

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