• Part II

    This post is a follow up to the section “Tips for getting your home ready for the market”.  As we had talked earlier about the interior of your property we will now touch on the exterior of your property! 



    • Does the exterior of you property look worn, or is it peeling? If it needs painting, it should be done. Buyers notice if paint is faded and peeling especially since it is the first thing they look at. However, if the paint is in good condition you can just renew the doors and trim with a fresh coat.
    • Clean the windows inside and out so they sparkle. It’s amazing how much more light can come into the property once the windows are clean! And it definitely makes a difference in a home’s appearance.
    • Clean up the yard, keep the lawn mowed, and trim shrubs that have overgrown and are detracting from the home’s appearance. The property should look well maintained even at first glance remember first appearances are lasting ones.
    • To spruce up the home plant some bright, colorful flowers along the property and leading to the doorway to add a welcoming touch. Chose flowers that will not need a lot of maintenance that way you free up your time for something else.
    Property owners can save their major remodeling projects for their new property, not the one they are about to sell. Implementing some of the steps mentioned above can increase the appeal to prospective buyers without a huge investment of time or money.Come check out our new listings!! All you have to do is click on the Barbagelata Logo!Call Me For All Your Real Estate Needs!!!


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