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    Today’s news is on the proposed Homeless Shelter in Hayes Valley that almost no one knows about.

    This development is going to consist of 120 units on the corner of Gough and Fulton for “very low income housing”.  Problem is, the city was not advertising this to the Hayes Valley Community thus many people did not even know about these proposed plans!


    “The project, at this particular location sends a discouraging message to developers and investors as well as property owners who were promised sensible development and diversity after the Central Freeway was demolished. Demographics show that Hayes Valley is in jeopardy of becoming into a homogenous collective of exclusively low income, and subsidized housing.”

    This quote was from a letter that was passed out in the community trying to find different ways to cope with the homeless problem rather than developing an area that the community has no say in.


    When building a site that is designed for 120 units there is sure to be an impact on the community. This area is already congested with traffic and businesses. Is it really smart to build another set of buildings in this location?


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