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    Friday September 12th, 2008 I was fortunate enough to receive a ticket to the grand VIP opening of the Academy of Sciences located in Golden Gate Park. (Thank you to the wonderful person who gave me the ticket… you know who you are:) )

    The new building is LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified making it one of the “greenest buildings in the country”! The Academy of Science is offering so much more that it is now breaking records :


  •  Water Plant holds the world’s deepest at 25 feet
  • Second largest human made coral reef measuring 12,000 square feet and holds 212,000 gallons of water
  • California’s largest living roof at 2.5 acres with 9 hardy native California plants that make up a great portion of the roof
  • 68% of the insulation comes from recycled blue jean
  • 95% of the steel was also used from recycled sources
  • To wrap it up the building has won the silver Holcim Award for Sustainable Construction in 2005 and EPA’s regional Environmental Award in 2006.


    Two really great exhibits at the Academy are Water World and the Rainforests of the World which is pictured above. There are four different countries represented in the rainforest; Borneo, Amazon, Madagascar and Costa Rica. Unfortunately it was not open to the public at this time but looking in was amazing!

    007.JPGWater Plant gives you a look at more than a 100 tanks filled with colorful fish, reptiles, amphibians and more. It truly was as if you were scuba diving in a tropical ocean.

    If you are interested in seeing more of the California Academy of Science it will be open to the public September 27th, 2008!

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  1. Patty Diner says:

    It is also a wonderful place to work. Thanks for the story on it.

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