• Vector Control in San Francisco

    Many investors in the real estate market with properties containing 3+ units have received a notice from the Department of Public Health concerning “Vector Control and Healthy Housing Program Fee”. Many of you have asked what is this program, what are the fees and how did it come about?

    Following is some insight:
    This so called fee (which by the way a represented from the Vector section was asked why is it a fee and not a tax, the representative could not come up with an answer) was brought to you by the Mayor’s office and Board of Supervisors in July 2008 to help support the budget of the Housing Inspectors at the Department of Public Health.

    The focus of the group will be on lead, asbestos, vector control and other health issues… (but again the during the Q&A with the representative, she said that they will focus on if you have mice/rats and overgrown vegetation). Following are the fees for property owners for this work:

         •     3 units = $25

         •     4-6 units =$31

         •     7-10 units=$42

         •     11-15 units=$50

         •     16-20 units=$70

         •     21-30 units=$82

         •     Over 30 units = $103

    Additional information if your property fails the first inspection you will have to have a re-inspection and pay for additional fees.

    For the first hour:

         •     Environmental Health Inspector =$167

         •     Environmental Health Technician=$150

    Re-inspection Fee additional per half hour (this is if the inspection runs more than an hour)

         •     Inspector= $83

         •     Technician=$75

    These fees cannot be passed on to your tenants.

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