• New Parcel Tax for San Mateo County

    There is a new parcel tax that will be in effect for San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties…

    San Mateo will be taxed a fee of $85 dollars for annual education. This parcel tax  will take place for the next seven years. The measure was passed by the voters last night.  Normally, regular property taxes on most parcels automatically increase 2% each year (with no voter approval required), and taxes on properties that change hands typically increase by much greater amounts. Total property tax assessments in San Mateo County have increased steadily under this formula. Growth rates in the last 10 years were 8.2%, 7.7%, 8.7%, 7.4%, and so on…

    San Carlos school district will have an annual tax of $78.00 for six years and Woodside elementary will be $242.00 for eight years.

    And now you are in the know.

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