• Important Update With MLS Boundaries

    Some of you had requested the changes to the San Francisco Real Estate map, so I have gone ahead and blogged all the changes. Now clients will know where their property is actually located! 

    Boundary Changes:
    Dividing line between 7b (Pacific Heights) and 7d (Cow Hollow) jogs south for one block at the west end and changes so that both sides of Green are in 7d (Cow Hollow) between Lyon and Divisadero. The boundary between Divisadero and Van Ness remains the same, keeping both sides of Green in 7b (Pacific Heights).
    9h (South Beach) expands into portions of 9f (SOMA) and 9d (Mission Bay).
    Dividing line between 6b (Hayes Valley) and 8f (Van Ness/Civic Center) moves from Gough to Franklin. Dividing line between 6c (Lower Pacific Heights) and 8f (Van Ness/Civic Center) moves from Gough to Franklin between Sutter and California.
    Dividing line between 8a (Downtown) and 8j (Tenderloin) moves from Geary to O’Farrell.
    5f (Buena Vista Park) expands to include Ashbury Heights, and is renamed Buena Vista/Ashbury Heights, accordingly.
    5e (Parnassus/Ashbury Heights) changes to include a portion of 5b (Haight Ashbury) which is commonly known as Cole Valley, and is renamed Cole Valley/Parnassus Heights, accordingly.
    9a (Bernal Heights) expands to include portions of 9c (Inner Mission) south of Cesar Chavez between San Jose and Mission.
    Dividing line between 5c (Noe Valley) and 9c (Inner Mission) moves from Guerrero to San Jose between 24th St. to 26th St.
    5a (Glen Park) expands to include portions of 4s (Sunnyside), 4h (Miraloma Park) and 5c (Noe Valley).
    Newly Added Districts, Carved Out of Existing Districts:
    9g (Yerba Buena), carved out of portions of 9f (SOMA).
    10m (Candlestick Point), carved out of portions of 10k (Bayview Heights).
    10n (Little Hollywood), carved out of portions of 10k (Bayview Heights).
    Renamed Districts:
    8b (Financial District) is renamed Financial District/Barbary Coast.
    9j (Central Waterfront) is renamed Central Waterfront/Dogpatch.
    5e (Parnassus/Ashbury Heights) is renamed Cole Valley/Parnassus Heights.
    1d (Lake) is renamed Lake Street (the word “Street” is added).
    5f (Buena Vista Park) is renamed Buena Vista/Ashbury Heights.

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