• Huge fees to property owners

    Huge fees could be coming unless you take action; say “no” to Health Dept. expansion

    This Monday, October 18, 2010, at 10:00 a.m., the Public Safety Committee of the Board of Supervisors (Supervisors Chiu, Mirkarimi and Elsbernd), will be hearing a legislative proposal at City Hall in Room 250 to expand the powers of the Health Department. The legislation — “Updating Enforcement and Compliance Procedures for Nuisance” — is sponsored by Supervisor John Avalos and Dr. Rajiv Bhatia from the Health Department, and could mean huge fees for property owners.
    The legislation is bad for rental housing owners because it will:
    Increase the Health Department’s ability to collect administrative costs (a proposed $1,000.00 a day for bedbug violations) and attorney fees. More fines and fees collected from you made payable to the Department of Public Health.
    Provide the addition of bed bugs to the list of noxious insects, which will likely cement the City’s efforts to make a landlord strictly liable for bed bugs.
    Require registration of buildings and contact information with the Department of Public Health. More paperwork for owners!
    Change the way garbage is collected in multistoried buildings.

     Please take the time to attend the hearing on Monday to voice your opposition to this piece of legislation. If you cannot attend the hearing, please call, write or e-mail the following Supervisors to express your opposition to this outrageous attempt to extort more money out of rental housing providers:
    Supervisor John Avalos (Author of legislation) 415.554.6975
    Supervisor David Chiu (Committee Member) 415.554.7450
    Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi (Committee Member) 415.554.7630
    Rajiv Bhatia (Health Department) 415.252.3800

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